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– Over a decade of exquisite desigN –


Urban Lighting Solutions offers clients a wide range of products for all their lighting requirements. We provide creative and practical lighting schemes for a host of commercial and private purposes.


​At the heart of our product range we offer high quality, commercial grade, flexible and connectable chain lights in various styles and colours. Ideal for interior and exterior application our products mean quality guaranteed.We set the highest standards for design, material quality, workmanship and the ease of assembly to ensure a fast and safe installation.


​It is then possible to use an assortment of inter-connecting design motifs to create a totally unique theme, representing maximum reliability and value.

We give our customers the confidence to ‘think outside the box’ and reflect their ideas into display form. Safe in the knowledge that all our products are designed to a minimum IP44 rating.

Utilising the latest in LED technology our products also consume 80% less power than conventional bulbs, considerably reducing any CO2 emissions whilst providing significant cost savings for our clients.

Our services cover the following areas:

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